Shrinkit4me FAQ

Q. How many files can I upload? A. There is no limmit you can upload as many as you want Q.maximum uploaded file size allowed? A. 1000 Megabytes adviced size We encourage members to upload smaller files as much as possible, this will make it easier for users on slow connections. this limit is per one file, not the total size for multiple files. Q. How long time the uploaded files kept alive on the system? A. we Provid the file which not break the other illegal files will be auto terminated: [-]•for uploaded files by guests files less than 100MB, will last for one month after last download . files biger than 100MB,will last for one week after last download [-] for registered members uploaded files. files less than 50MB will last for 12 months after last download. files among 50MB & 100MB will last for 8 months after last download. files among 100MB & 300MB will last for 4 months after last download. files among 300MB & 600MB will last for 2 months after last download. files biger than 600MB. will last for 1 month after last download. [-] for uploaded files by premium members excluded from expiry As you see our system is encouraging mebers to register & encouraging them to split big files, to make it easier for downloaders. Q. what is the download limits? A. Our bandwidth is shared among all users, things might be slower at peak times. we give priority to Registered members over users who are not logged in. we allowe Download accelerators such as download manger & FlashGet if you wish to pause and resume your download! but this may be limited to few concurrent connecitons per user. all the file servers are Currently in Netherlands, users closer to the servers should get faster speeds, Each Download Ticket expires after 24 hours. if multiple downloads are detected in short time reCaptcha challenge might be shown in order to prevent abuse of the service, we apologise [-] there is no reCaptcha or ads for premium members, they get direct download, Q. is there anything needs to be installed to download? A.Sure no you do not have to do this to be able to downlad anything from our site or to use it this is one of the reasons which make Shrinkit4me is different than any other filehosting site who force their users downloading spyware or toolsbar. just try to use updated browser. Q. Is there is ability to resume downloads? Q. what should I do if I got an error message during download / upload? A. just conact support and provide us with error details please